"Ricki represents all of Gresham and East County. He has already accomplished so much for our children and families. He knows through experience and through listening what is needed and is ready to advocate for us as our next State Representative." Eddy Morales - Gresham City Councilor & Community Advocate

"Having worked with Ricki in his capacity as an elected school board member, I've seen how hard he works for our shared constituencies. His support for workers has been tested and it is unwavering. We need more people like him who follow through on their promises! His work as a mentor to emerging leaders and overall support for young and old alike in our community is inspiring. Ricki has one quality that can only emerge as the product of character and that's leadership! I'm supporting Ricki Ruiz for state representative because we need him working with us to ensure a bright future for East County and the State of Oregon!" - Chris Gorsek, State Representative House District 49

Ricki is an incredible East County leader. From his dedicated service as a volunteer Reynolds School Board member to his work at the City of Gresham as their Community Services Coordinator, he has a proven track record of serving our community. Because of his efforts, we have over 9 futsal fields that serve many schools. This kind of grassroots work is why I am so proud to support him in his race for House District 50. I know he will continue to be a role model for our youth and the next generation of East County leaders.  I look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish as our next Representative. - Lori Stegmann, Multnomah County Commissioner District 4

"Ricki is an effective and hardworking leader that has put his life's work into putting Gresham first. Ricki's leadership can be seen all over Gresham, from community services to futsal courts to our schools in Gresham and Rockwood. Ricki is a natural-born leader who has played an integral part in shaping our community and has the drive to effectively lead in the State Legislature." - Amanda Orozco Beach, Gresham-Barlow School District Board Member

“Ricki is the bold and effective leader we need and I am elated to endorse his campaign for state representative. I know Ricki will work hard to find innovative and collaborative solutions for our communities to ensure that Oregon works for all.” - Yesenia Delgado, Reynolds School District Board Chair

"Ricki is, and always has been, a leader in East County. Ricki is East County and everything this next generation represents. Ricki has always fought to improve our community by bringing in new partnerships both in the private and non-profit sector. He has proven to be a person who gets things done and does them with careful consideration from the community as a whole. Ricki has the experience to build on Rep. Piluso's vision of a safe and prosperous district where everyone is welcomed and everyone has responsibility to do their part in building a better future for our children and grandchildren." - Mario Palermo, Gresham City Councilor

"Ricki represents the new generation of leaders. He is passionate and committed to work towards positive change for all. I am proud to serve as a school board member alongside great minds like Ricki's." - Ana Gonzalez Muñoz, Reynolds School District Board Member

"Ricki is committed to serve his community. His dedication to youth and to our schools is an example of his commitment and leadership. Ricki is a strong voice that represents the diversity of our community. He is a role model who leads by example and is not afraid to go against the tide." - Dr. Mayra Gomez, Gresham-Barlow School District Board Vice Chair

"I am a proud supporter of Ricki Ruiz for State Representative HD 50. He has made major contributions to the Gresham recreation community as well as the Reynolds School District as a board member. Ricki has the ability, energy, and desire to represent all the people of Gresham and Rockwood in the legislature" - Roland Herrera, Keizer City Councilor

Ricki brings a new voice for all Public School families and students. His unique experience as a community member, school board member and Gresham resident will benefit HD 50 and it’s surroundings. I look forward to work with him in Salem! - Erick Flores - Former Parkrose School Board Member

"Ruiz has more experience: He's been elected twice to the Reynolds School Board, and he currently serves as the community services coordinator for the city of Gresham. He's participated in government from as many angles as CJ McCollum takes jump shots: He's been a crime prevention specialist, an assessment and taxation technician, and an arts board member." - Willamette Week


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