Meet Ricki Ruiz

Ricki Ruiz was the first of his family to graduate high school from Reynolds High School. Ricki is also the first person in his family to have graduated from college, with a bachelors degree in social entrepreneurship from Warner Pacific University.


Ricki is the community services coordinator for the City of Gresham, and has been working for his hometown city for almost five years. As the community services coordinator, Ricki leads the youth recreation programming, supports public safety with the Neighborhood Ready Program, serves as co-liaison for the Youth Advisory Council, and is a city-wide Spanish interpreter. Ricki also helped bring safe spaces for play to Gresham and nearby cities. Since 2015, he has helped bring nine mini-pitch futsal courts to East Multnomah County parks and school grounds.


Ricki co-founded the Rockwood Initiative, a community-based organization that focuses on youth recreation along with free sport tournament events that bring high-quality competition to Gresham's Rockwood neighborhood. As a group, the Rockwood Initiative was able to gather community support and secure over $120,000 to bring the first set of futsal courts at Rockwood's Vance Park in 2015.

In 2017, at the age of 22, Ricki was elected as the youngest school board member in the Reynolds School District. He served a half-term and got re-elected again in 2019. Ricki's main goal is to introduce and implement equitable education policies that help our high school students graduate. Priorities as a school board member are to make critical capital improvements, retain high-quality staff, increase staff diversity, support middle and  high school sports, and improve mental health assistance. 

Once elected to the legislature, Ricki will push for more resources for our public education system, healthcare, and public safety, and also increase housing affordability, environmental justice, and help improve quality of life in East County and across Oregon. Ricki is ready to serve our working families and be the voice the community needs. As a 25-year Gresham resident and community advocate, Ricki is determined to earn your vote and represent Gresham and East County with integrity and energy. 



  • First to graduate high school from his family  - Reynolds High School 2012

  • Awarded Act Six Scholarship - Full ride scholarship to Warner Pacific University 2012

  • Played instrumental role in gathering over $120,000 to develop mini-pitch futsal courts at Vance Park - Gresham Oregon 2015

  • First to graduate college from his family - Warner Pacific University B.S. Social Entrepreneurship 2016

  • Awarded Milo L. Chapman Excellence in Service Award - Warner Pacific University 2016

  • Secured mini-pitch futsal court adjacent to Davis Elementary - Gresham OR 2016

  • Secured mini-pitch futsal court adjacent to Highland Elementary - Gresham OR 2016

  • Appointed to the Multnomah County Library Action Committee 2016 - 2017

  • Elected to the Reynolds School District Board of Directors 2017

  • Played role in implementing Boys & Girls Club Rockwood mini-pitch futsal courts - Gresham OR 2017

  • Played role in implementing Wood Village Babptist mini-pitch futsal court - Wood Village OR 2017

  • Appointed to Oregon School Board Association Color Caucus in 2017

  • Player role in implementing mini-pitch futsal court at Wilkes Elementary - Gresham OR 2018

  • Appointed to the  Reynolds Education Foundation Board 2018 - Present

  • Re-Elected to the Reynolds School District Board of Directors 2019 - Present

  • Succesfully lead Gresham's Youth Advisory Council to deliver Gresham's Youth Summit - Focusing on Mental Health & Sexual Harrassment - 2019

  • Played role in implementing Reynolds Middle School mini-pitch futsal court - Fairview OR 2019

  • Appointed to the Oregon Regional Arts Culture Council - Arts Education Committee - 2019

  • Won Democratic Primary for State Representative in House District 50 - 2020


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