Continue to invest education resources to our state public education system. For decades, the education system has been underfunded. Oregon currently ranks 39 in education and we must improve that. In order for public education to see a positive change, the state must fund education at $10 - 12 Billion Dollars per biennium. This will help recover teacher shortage, effective programming restorations, sports, and mental health resources. 


Provide intentional mental health supports to all students. Every elementary, middle, and high school who needs it should have mental health counselors on site to help provide mental health support. Teenage/young adult suicide rates have been increasing compared to rates 10 years ago. We must address this statistic and invest in mental health resources. 


Introduce a plan to pack frozen school food to go for all school districts in the State of Oregon. Many students rely on school cafeteria food and it is the only meal they receive throughout the day. This plan will be optional for school districts to implement setting aside funds to cover expenses around better nutritional cafeteria food, offering more options, and cover expenses in reusable to-go containers.


Introduction of State Wide free breakfast and lunch to students in the public education system. No student or family member should pay for school cafeteria food and have the costs be a hurdle or a barrier in order to graduate. Will look for strategic plan to help cover this plan.


Begin to look at Universal Pre-Kindergarten programs statewide. Research shows that students are more proficient once going through a pre-k program before starting elementary school. 


Invest in our community colleges to help restore programs that are of high need along apprenticeships and vocational training certifications. We must introduce a long term plan that helps restore, rebuild, and make community college even more affordable for our community residents. 


Work with our local school boards to introduce a local legislative update 2 - 3 times a year to builds strong communication between our school boards, teachers, and students. District 50 covers the school districts of Gresham-Barlow, Centennial, and Reynolds School Districts. The plan is to either share quick updates at public school baord meetings and formally meet with teacher, board, and student representatives. 


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