I will support hard-working residents by supporting policies that create jobs and expand access to higher education, trade schools, internships, and certification programs that get our residents ready for the workforce.


We need to fund community college certification options - without increasing tuition - so that it remains affordable for all.


I will develop strategic, long-term policy solutions for these investments so that we have more individuals succeeding in finding a great career or starting a vibrant small business


Economic recovery that puts people and small businesses first: 

If we give help to workers and small businesses first, that money is going to go directly back into our economy and will flow up to the owners and employees of other businesses. With COVID-19, our small businesses, restaurants, and shops will need as much help as possible. I will advocate to find strategic ways to help these hurting businesses recover in the best capable way.


I will communicate and share all possible resources coming from the state and federal levels in ways in how our small businesses can receive proper help. Communication is key and we must share these resources in multiple ways and languages. 


We are going to have to consider all options to pull us through COVID-19,  and the post-pandemic economic recovery period. But I don't think we should, or can fill Oregon's financial hole by making any additional cuts to public employee pension benefits. 


As someone running to represent a district with one of the highest poverty rates in the state, I am keenly aware of the existing significant disparities in the distribution of state local government resources. That must change. To truly recover from COVID, and to embrace the possibility that this crises presents -  which is the chance to really examine whether our existing systems and programs are really working for us,  we need to approach this like we are "one Oregon family". 


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