Continue to advocate and provide financial resources to our undocumented immigrant residents who will need to fully recover during and post COVID-19. The Worker Relief Fund is a great avenue of help that needs to continue to be invested in.


All families belong together. I will call on the Federal Government to never take immigrant children away from their detained parents and to reunite families that have already been separated as soon as possible. No children or family member deserve to be detained in cages or anywhere else. 


I will advocate for financial and legal resources to families who has a loved one detained without proper warrants signed by a judge. 


I will fight for our DACA recipients and call on our congress and federal government to stop increasing costs of DACA applications, expand DACA availabilties, and introduce a clear path to residency & citizenship for all DACA individuals. 


DACA recipients deserve and should have the right to VOTE in elections. They contribute to local, state and federal taxes and in addition pay a heavy application fee to protect their status. I will demand and call on our federal leaders to fight for voting rights that each DACA individual deserves to have. 


I will commit to protecting our sanctuary status in our state and will fight as your next State Representative to fully abolish ICE and instead encourage a nationwide immigration amnesty for our undocumented individuals who need a pathway to residency and citizenship.  


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